M661 Little Workhorse- sinkline cable snake machine
M661 Little Workhorse- sinkline cable snake machine M661 Base - no reel or cable M661 Cable Machine for Septics and Mains with 1/2 inch cable installed

M661 Little Workhorse Sinkline Cable Machine

From: $1,846.00

Sink and medium line cable machine with belt drive and 144 rpm. Available add on options make it suitable for cleaning 1¼” to 3″ lines, or 3″ to 4″ lines.

  • Buy base unit only (no added cable, reel or revolving arm)
  • Or add cable and reel (includes the revolving arm) – your choice of 3/8″ or 1/2″ cable (hollow-core or wire-core) in varying lengths.  Also select open steel or closed poly reel, and your choice of installed ends.


Our M661 Little Workhorse sinkline cable machine has options making it suitable for cleaning 1-1/4″ to 4″ lines. This little workhorse will serve you for years to come with it’s lightweight frame and versatility. No matter what size cable you start with, you can easily swap out a different size reel later.

Like all our cable machines, the M661 features include quiet operation and quick reel changes. Safety features of the M661 Little Workhorse include water-tight electrical switches and boxes, built-in GFCI circuit and forward-reverse switch.

The machine is available as a base unit only (requires MyTana reels and a M661 revolving arm).
Or outfit it with a reel of 1/2″ or 3/8″ cable and installed ends:

  • for 1/2″ cable: choose threaded, slip-joint, General, interlocking or Ridgid style ends
  • for 3/8″ cable: choose threaded or General style ends
  • Reel Style: choose open steel reel or closed polyethylene reel

BladePaks – Need a set of blades to get started?
For 3/8″ cable: we suggest our M661 BladePak – ME with threaded ends, or GE with General ends
For 1/2″ cable: we suggest our BladePak 234 (has five end style options, and will also work with larger cable).

To make transporting your M661 Little Workhorse a little easier, you may also be interested in our Little Work Cart.

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M661 Spec Sheet – 2 page PDF

M661 User Manual


Need parts for the M661 – Visit the Parts page

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