UVR - Ultimate Video Recorder package
UVR - Ultimate Video Recorder package UVR - Ultimate Video Recorder mounted on MS11 UVR - Ultimate Video Recorder mounted

UVR – Ultimate Video Recorder


Introducing our Ultimate Video Recorder–UVR– which brings digital (WiFi and USB) recording to professionals with analog Inspection Systems such as our MS11 —shown in the photo with the UVR mounted on the frame. It can also be installed into an older MyTana Control Box like our ACB13.

The unit is easy to set up and simple to use, and allows 3 different ways to record, see below.

Standard unit is UVR-M  Fits our Mid-size and Mini all-in-one Inspection Systems. Designed to mount vertically on the side or front of camera frame so the jacks are underneath, protecting them from splashes.

Also available, UVR-CB  Fits our older CBX15 or ACB13 Control Boxes. Designed to slide in to control box horizontally — allowing the jacks to be behind the control.



The UVR – Ultimate Video Recorder receives analog video signal (via the included RCA connectors) and allows you to record it digitally three different ways:

  1. Record to the Internal Hard Drive in the UVR
  2. Record to a USB Flash Drive through an onboard USB port
  3. Transmit a WiFi signal to your phone or tablet using our MyTana Viewer APP (available in the iTunes or Google Play stores)

Also great for our first generation NG systems and the CBX15 Control Box, adds USB recording to those systems that were WiFi equipped only.


  • Removable USB (flash) drive
  • Router (dongle) to enable WiFi connection to your phone or tablet via our Viewer APP
    – Plugs in to USB port
    – See separate instructions for WiFi recording using the MyTana Viewer APP
  • RCA Cables
  • Power cord

icon of User Manual UVR UserGuide

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