MyTana ACB-18 Monitor-Control Box for MyTana Classic Inspection Systems

ACB-18 Control Box


Attache style monitor and control box. Compatible with MyTana Classic Inspection Systems only (not compatible with newer NG systems).

12″ LED monitor is daylight readable. Now includes all digital recording. Uses AC/115V or built in rechargeable battery with up to 3 hour life.


The ACB-18 features a 12″ Monitor replaces our older ACB-13 which was standard on our classic style systems such as the MY30.  The monitor is daylight-readable, and the LED backlit screen has a brightness control knob.

The Control Box has 2 on-board USB ports and an internal 64GB drive. Record to either location, or both at the same time! Also includes router to stream images and recordings wirelessly to Android or iOS via our MyTana Viewer App. Up to 3 hour battery life.

Footage counter feature included.

ACB18 Instructionsicon of User Manual