Warranty and Repair

We want to keep our customers operating with a minimum of downtime. We are staffed and trained to provide quick repairs at a reasonable cost.


All products* are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase. Damage due to negligence, abnormal usage, accidents, or alteration is not covered by this warranty. Please inspect all products carefully upon receipt!

* Cable and Blades  It is extremely difficult to assign responsibility for product defects or malformations of USED Sewer Cable and Blades. It is especially important to inspect these products carefully before you use them.

Our experience is that sewer cables can break for three reasons.

  1. Cables are over-torqued by the operator — the most common reason.
  2. Cables that are used in clogged drains that contain acid based drain cleaning chemicals can become brittle and break upon subsequent use. We advise you to clean your cable regularly with a cleaner/rust inhibitor. You can also hose down the cable (remove reel from machine first) and spray it with WD40
    or any light oil.
  3. There are minor imperfections in the wire used to make the cables which can cause the cable to break. Most of these imperfections are discovered when the wire is rolled into the cable, but occasionally are encountered during use.

* Inspection Equipment  We perform repairs of our equipment at our manufacturing facility. Read this pdf for information about camera warranties.

MyTana reserves the right, through reasonable investigation, to determine the responsible party on all warranty claims. It is our practice to be reasonable in administering our warranty and charging for repairs and replacement parts.

For items NOT covered by warranty

In cases where items need to be returned to MyTana for repairs not covered by warranty, we charge according to the following schedule:

  • Shop Labor: $95/hour, plus parts/materials at market price, plus freight costs.
  • Subject to a minimum charge of $150.

Returns for refunds that are not covered by our warranty are subject to a 20% restocking charge.


MyTana does all our own repair —after sale service, warranty work and equipment repair—at our Factory Repair Center here in St. Paul, MN.

Should you encounter problems with your equipment, please call us at 800-328-8170. We are happy to troubleshoot problems over the phone. If repairs are necessary, we will provide information for returning the product to our factory.


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When returning products to MyTana, warranty work or not:

  • Please clean and sanitize your equipment before shipping.
  • Package the equipment properly and be sure to assign insurance to cover any possible damage that may occur during shipping.
  • Include a contact name and number, a brief description of your concern, and any further instruction or information you'd like us to know.

Our mailing address:

ATTN: Repairs
746 Selby Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104