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Our family of sewer and drain cameras capture crystal-clear footage from 1½" to 12" lines. They let you see what the problems are, where they're located, and share the footage with your customers. Read on to learn what goes in to building MyTana video inspection systems.

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MyTana's family of sewer and drain inspection cameras


DrainTracker mini drain camera is a complete inspection system from MyTanaDrainTracker Mini Drain Camera

  • 1.25" - 3" lines
  • 50' pushrod
  • .75" dia. camera head, fixed-position
  • 5" daylight-readable monitor
  • Easily inspect s- and p-traps

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MSA-NG2, Mini stand alone inspection systemMSA-NG2 Mini Inspection System

  • 1.5" - 3" lines
  • 100' pushrod
  • 1.062" dia. camera head, fixed-position
  • 6.5" daylight-readable monitor
  • Compact and lightweight

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MS11-NG2 Mid Sized Sewer Inspection SystemMS11-NG2 Mid-Sized Inspection System

  • 3" - 6" lines
  • 150' or 200' pushrod
  • 1.5" dia. camera head, self-levelling
  • 6.5" daylight-readable monitor
  • Complete inspection system, grab and go!

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MS11+ Combo Kit

MS11+ Combo Inspection System, sewer and drain cameraMS11+ Combo Kit

Add inspection in smaller lines using the MS11-NG2 system.

  • Includes interchangeable 1.062" dia. fixed-position camera head
  • Protective guide for this smaller head, and a 4" guide for the mid-size head (that is included with the MS11-NG2)
  • Rugged case to transport both sizes of camera heads, plus slots for all the guides and accessories

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PGR200 Mainline Inspection SystemPGR200 Mainline Inspection System

  • 3" - 8" lines
  • 200' pushrod
  • 1.5" dia. camera head, self-levelling
  • Includes 12" daylight-readable monitor / control box for a complete inspection system
  • Rugged and agile

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PGR400 Municipal InspectionSystemPGR400 Municipal Inspection System

  • 4" - 12" lines
  • 325' or 400' pushrod
  • 1.5" dia. camera head, self-levelling
  • 12" daylight-readable monitor
  • Maneuverable

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Push Cam

Mini Push Cam

  • 1.5" - 3" lines
  • 100' pushrod
  • 1.062" dia. camera head, fixed-position
  • Requires MyTana control box

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Rugged and Agile.

We're proud of the exceptionally clear imagery our sewer and drain push cameras deliver. We design our systems to house this industry-leading technology in camera heads, push-rods and control boxes that can withstand harsh inspecting environments, both inside and out of the drain. All models are manufactured with high-quality materials and precise workmanship.

MyTana sewer and drain cameras have rugged frames

Our larger systems have sturdy, compact reel frames which deliver the complete inspection system right where you need it.

MyTana sewer inspection cameras are complete systems

Smaller video inspection systems are lightweight and have integrated components for grab-and-go convenience.

MyTana cameras get around offsets

Low-friction guides protect the camera head and get around difficulties you encounter inside the pipe.

Keep in mind, no matter which camera you purchase, the electronic nature of inspection systems calls for special care that other drain tools don’t require. With appropriate use and regular care, your MyTana camera will serve you for years to come. View our tips for caring for your inspection system on our blog, or download a pdf.

The features you need.

Built to withstand the punishment of everyday use, our sewer and drain cameras include these features:

  • Field-tested tough camera heads are designed for smooth navigation, guides help get over and around obstacles
  • 512Hz transmitter built-in to all camera heads
  • Daylight-readable monitor have brightness control and display a digital footage counter (DrainTracker does not have a counter)
  • All-digital recording NG and PGR systems to internal memory, USB drive or let you stream footage wirelessly. DrainTracker records to SD card
  • Rugged yet lightweight and maneuverable frames
  • Durable push rod resists kinking, field replaceable
  • Powered with either household electric current or on-board battery

Did we mention full factory support?

We'll be here when you have questions or need help.

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