M661 Complete Package from MyTana

M661 Complete Package


Our popular M661 Little Workhorse with 80 feet of 3/8” cable is the centerpiece of this package, but we also include reels of 1/4″ and 1/2″ cable.

See the Includes tab below for everything that is included. Please make a note on the checkout page if you would like a different reel style (open or closed) for the ½” or 3/8” cable reels (¼” is available only in open reel).

Save $269 over buying each item individually!


This complete drain machine package lets you work on 1½” to 4” lines with our adaptable M661 Little Workhorse. Tackle septics, mains, and sink lines.

The M661 is a quiet snake machine is driven by a 1/3 hp motor and belt drive. Learn more about this versatile and popular tool. With the M661 Complete Package, you will get 3 cable reels: 80 feet of 3/8” cable, 100 feet of ½” cable, and 40 feet of ¼” cable. Our easy reel change design lets you quickly swap out the reels.

It also includes our mini autofeed (and 2 sizes of hoops to mount it on), the Little Work Cart for easier transport, a set of blades and more. See the Includes tab.

For more informational articles that may be of interest to you, see our blog. And learn more about how we build our cable machines here!

Includes these products

  • M661 with 80 feet of 3/8″ cable in closed reel, threaded ends
  • M661 BladePak ME
  • 100ft of 1/2” cable in an open steel reel, threaded ends
  • BladePak 234 with threaded fittings
  • 40ft of 1/4″ cable in open steel reel
  • Little work cart
  • Mini Autofeed
  • Large hoop for Autofeed (fits around 1/2″ cable reel)
  • Small hoop for Autofeed (fits around 3/8″ cable reel)
  • Elephant trunk
  • Black cuffed work gloves

If purchased separately total = $5,068