MV84 Antifreeze Kit

MV84 Antifreeze Kit


Customized hose to deliver antifreeze to pump and pump hoses, including bypass hose for our MV80 or MV84 jetters.


The MV84 Antifreeze Kit is a hose assembly for our MV80 or MV84 jetters to ensure complete dispersal of Antifreeze to pump and hoses. Antifreeze should be run through your system regularly, and especially if the jetter will be stored in potentially sub-freezing temps or will be unused for several days. It protects the pump and fittings by lubricating components and helping prevent corrosion from metals and caustics.

  • Note, if there is potential for freezing temperatures, it is always best to store the jetter in a heated area.

Traditional methods of running antifreeze often miss getting it into the pump bypass hose. The MV84 Antifreeze Kit makes it easy to do that. Instructions are detailed in the tab below.

Part no. AFK84


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