Large Automatic Feed-Retriever fits our larger cable machines

Large Automatic Feed-Retriever


Our Large Autofeed / Retriever aids with both advancing and retrieving cable in and out of openings. Suitable for our larger cable machines running 9/16″and larger cable.

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MyTana’s Large Automatic Feed-Retriever fits our larger cable machines. It is standard with our M745, M888 and M98 machines, and as an optional add-on for the M81, M844, and M755 (frame/hoop required) models. Be sure to select your model so we can include the correct mounting hardware.

Using the Autofeed Retriever helps take the hard work out of pulling a large bundle of roots out of a pipe. It also allows the operator to adjust the speed of travel of the cable in and out of a pipe with a quick and simple movement of a lever.

Best suited for 9/16″ and larger cable, this Large Automatic Feed Retriever can also run 1/2″ or smaller cable.

However,  if you need an Autofeed for consistent use on a smaller cable machine, check out our Mini Automatic Feed-Retriever.


Large Autofeed Retriever User Manual   includes parts breakdownicon of User Manual