MS11-NG2 mid sized sewer and drain camera

MS11-NG2 Mid-Sized Inspection System


Suitable for 3″- 6″ lines. This one-piece inspection system is rugged and delivers exceptional image clarity. Color, self-leveling 1½″ dia. camera head has 512Hz transmitter built-in and is detachable from the 200′ field replaceable push-rod.

Record to internal drive, removable USB drive, or transmit wirelessly to mobile devices.


The MS11-NG2 Mid-Sized Inspection System gives you big performance from one grab-and-go package. It is suitable for 3″ to 6″ lines, but an optional MS11+ Combo Kit includes an interchangeable mini camera head to inspect 1½” to 2″ lines.

Like most of our inspection systems, this system has 2 on-board USB ports and an internal 64GB drive. Record to either location, or both at the same time. A router is included to stream images and recordings to your mobile device using our MyTana Viewer App, available for Android or iOS .

Integrated components

A daylight readable monitor is integrated on the frame, right next to the control panel. It displays exceptionally clear imagery and a digital footage counter.

The lightweight yet rugged frame (powder-coated aluminum) and durable push-rod have been factory and field tested to make sure the MS11-NG2 System holds up in harsh operating environments. It weighs just 45 lbs with 200ft of push rod. The push-rod can be replaced in your shop, order replacement sections here.

The camera can be powered with either household electric current or on-board battery. Recharge the battery by plugging in to standard wall outlet.

Partner with our MT 512+ Locator to add locating capabilities using the system’s built in 512Hz transmitter. This MS11-NG2 Mid-Sized Inspection System is one of our best selling cameras.

Note: Our NG Inspection Systems are not backward compatible with the MY30 and earlier “classic” analog based cameras.

View MS11-NG2 Spec Sheet PDF


Reel Frame

  • Powder-coated aluminum
  • 45 lbs (with 200’ push rod)
  • Push Rod – 3/8″ dia., field replaceable, durable, smooth low-friction coat reduces catching
  • Dimensions  13″W ×  20”L  ×  21”H

Camera head

  • 1½” dia. – suitable for 3″ to 6″ lines
  • Stainless steel, flexible neck
  • Screw-on/off connection to push rod
  • Color, self-leveling
  • 512Hz transmitter/sonde built in
  • Adjustable LED lights (adjust on control box)
  • 3 sizes of ice balls to guide, center and protect

Control Box


  • 5.25” × 4” (6.5” diagonal) – daylight readable monitor
  • Digital footage counter displayed
  • File management menu
  • Title and text overlays on screen and recording – customizable w/USB keyboard (not included)


  • Stainless-steel buttons for power, sonde transmission, footage counter reset
  • Rheostat control for camera head LEDs
  • Water resistant membrane protection on video control buttons


  • 64GB internal memory drive
  • Dual USB ports
  • Microphone

The MS11-NG2 ships with:

  • 3 sizes protective “Ice Balls”- built-in, field replaceable translucent, polycarbonate light ring covers
  • Power cord
  • USB removable drive
  • Router for WiFi recording

 MS- NG2 User Manualdocument icon

How to replace the push-rod on MyTana MS11-NG2


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