MyTana's 512+ Locator detects 512 Hz signal and more
MyTana's 512+ Locator detects 512 Hz signal and more A large display gives real time signal and depth data mt-512+_use

MT 512+ Locator


This 512Hz Locator is an accurate, easy-to-use locator for professionals. It detects 512Hz signal* from all MyTana camera heads or other sondes to find problems in sewer and drain lines. It also has many other frequency settings for use in utility line tracing (see Description below).


The MT 512+ Locator detects 512Hz signal transmitted from all MyTana cameras so you can pinpoint the location of problems in sewers and drains. Works in all pipes including cast iron. It can also detect 640Hz, 815Hz or 33kHz from other transmitters or sondes.

As an update to our previous RL8873 Locator, this model has a larger display and easier to understand indicators.

Features of the MT 512+ Locator include:

  • Improved interface to guide you to the target location with real-time data including continuous depth, signal strength and alignment arrows
  • Audio feedback
  • Backlit LCD display is daylight readable.
  • Customized Programming to preset the operating modes and frequencies you use most often so they’re ready to go when you are
  • Powered by a long lasting lithium-ion battery

Expand the capabilities of the Locator by partnering with a multi-frequency line transmitter (such as our LineFinder), to find the location of buried utilities such as power or CATV cables, gas and water pipes, sewer lines or fiber optic cables with sheath.

When used with a line transmitter, the MT 512+ Locator has 7 operating modes in addition to sonde locating, including Peak, Pin-point Peak and Null locating modes. 14 different frequency settings as well as passive, RF and Rectified CP power frequencies let you configure the multi-frequency Locator to your particular needs.

Part no. MT 512+ Locator (formerly ST 512+ Locator)

By Rycom for MyTana. Visit our blog for more information of interest to drain cleaners and plumbers!

document icon 512+ Locator Spec Sheet

512+ Locator User Manual