LineFinder multi-frequency transmitter
LineFinder multi-frequency transmitter LineFinder in use with the 512+ Locator

LineFinder Transmitter


Expand the locating capabilities of the MT 512+ Locator with this multi-frequency Transmitter. Transmits with direct connection, clamps and ground rod included. Lithium-ion battery powered.


The LineFinder Transmitter gives multi-frequency operation to accurately locate  buried utilities, cast iron pipes and more with a minimum of interference – while maintaining the ability continue locating past faults and around conduit bends.

As an update to our previous RT8872 transmitter, the LineFinder offers improved transmitter induction, multi-frequency coupled induction ranging from 8 kHz to 118 kHz, and automatic impedance matching for direct connections. The 3 watt transmitter has the ability to simultaneously apply two frequencies to a utility.

Connect to utility with direct-connect clamp and ground rod (included). Optional inductive Coupler or Flexi-coupler are available when direct connection is not available.

Factory preset for 8kHz and 82kHz, it also operates on 10 other frequencies. Pre-set the Transmitter to adapt to your specific needs.  Weather-proof membrane buttons and both user input and transmitter status are verified with audible responses.

Powered by a rechargeable, long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Transport bag, direct connect clamps and ground rod included.

Part no. LineFinder Transmitter

Bundle the LineFinder Transmitter with our 512+ Locator and save with the Complete Pipe Locator Package. See our blog for more items of interest to sewer and drain cleaners!

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