Pear-Shaped blades for 1/2" or larger cable

Pear-Shaped Blades


Pear-shaped blades have some flex to fit through smaller openings, then expand back out once inside the line. Suitable for cleaning 2″ to 6″ sewer and drain lines using 1/2″ or larger cable.

Choose from 4 sizes cutting blades, or 2 sizes paddle blades.


MyTana’s pear-shaped blades help you get through stubborn blockages. With its pear shaped design, these sewer and drain cleaning blades have some flex to fit through smaller openings, then expands back out once inside the line. Different sizes let you work in 2 to 6 inch pipes using ½″ and larger cable.

Each wing of the double-blade is 1″ wide and has a serrated (toothed) edge. Paddle blades are wider.

Attach the pear-shaped blades to cable using our BH500 Mounting Bracket. Or if you need an assortment of different sized pear-shaped blades, consider our Pear Shaped Blade Pack.

Part numbers:

  • Blades: 2″ – PS2,  3″ – PS3,   4″ – PS4,  6″ – PS6
  • Paddle blades: 3″ – PS35,  4″ – PS55

For more information about our cable machine blades and attachments, request our poster outlining the best tool for any challenge.

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