Double and Double-offset blades for cleaning drains

Double & Double-Offset Blades


Our double blades are available in 3 sizes, and we have 1 double-offset blade. Each wing is 1″ wide. Suitable for 1/2″ to 3/4″ cable.

All are now sold in packs of 3 – price reflects 3-packs of one size (3 fittings also included if ordered as mounted)
Select your size, and these other options:

  • Mounting style – unmounted (loose) or with mounting block: threaded, slip-joint, Interlocking, General or Ridgid styles. See chart below for reference.
  • Blade edge: plain (knife) or toothed (serrated) edges available on double blades. Double-offset blade is only available with serrated edge.


These are our double & double-offset blades for cutting obstructions or scraping pipes clean in sewer and drain cleaning. We have 3 sizes of double blades: 2-1/8″, 3″ and 4″ long, with your choice of plain/knife or toothed/serrated edges. The double-offset blade is only available with a serrated edge, and is 3″/4″ long.

Each “wing” is 1″ wide. Designed to be used with 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″ or 3/4″ sewer snake cable.

Styles of mounting blocks for bladesThese blades are available unmounted, or mounted with threaded (ME), Slip-joint (SJ), Interlocking (IL), General (GE) or Ridgid (RE) mounting blocks.

Part numbers (P=plain edge, T=serrated edge):

  • Double 2-1/8″ blade – loose KN19P, KN19T / mounted KN20P, KN20T
  • Double 3″ blade – loose KN26-3P, KN26-3T / mounted KN27-3P, KN27-3T
  • Double 4″ blade – loose KN26-4P, KN26-4T / mounted KN27-4P, KN27-4T
  • Double offset blade – loose KN28T / mounted KN29T

If using larger cable, you may also consider our Pear Shaped blades.

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