MyTana C209 5/8” Hollow Core sewer cable

Hollow-Core Sewer Cable

From: $36.00

We carry 8 sizes of hollow-core cable. Select size needed, then available length and end choice options.

Installed ends are optional for hollow-core cable – see notes about ends on each size of cable. Ends are NOT welded.

Cables are made to order, please allow up to 3-4 days for cable to be made. Lead-times may vary with different sizes.


Our hollow-core sewer cable is made with durable and consistent wire provided to our internal, exacting specifications.


Installed ends are optional for hollow-core cable. Select threaded male, Slip-joint, interlocking, slot-lock (General) or Ridgid style ends on 1/2″ and larger cable; threaded or slot-lock on 3/8″ or smaller cable; or no ends installed on any size.

We do not weld our ends because the heat modifies the strength of the cable. Instead, the ends are precision machined for a secure fit in our cable. Running the cable machine in reverse– which we don’t recommend– may open up the cable causing the end to fall out. Use reverse on the Autofeed instead. Bulbhead and Autry threaded ends may be welded.


Our larger hollow-core sewer cable (3/4″ and 11/16″) is available in 2 different flex styles:

  • Blue-flex (stiffer) cable – designed for MyTana and sled style cable machines. Gives a gentle bend into larger diameter reels.
  • Red Flex (more flexible) cable – designed for General, Spartan and Ridgid upright machines. Allows for a sharper bend into a smaller diameter reel.


  • 3/8″ Bulb head cable is also available
  • 5/16″ is also available with an open hook end
  • 1/4″ cable is open hook only, no installed ends available

If you need this sewer cable pre-loaded into a MyTana reel, check out our REO units.

Part No.s – C210, C211, C209, C212, C213, C214, C215, C216

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