C212-IC 9/16” wire core sewer cable

Wire-Core Sewer Cable


We carry 8 sizes of wire-core cable. Select size needed, then available length and end choice options.

Installed ends are required for hollow-core cable – see notes about ends on each size of cable.

NOTE: 07/01/22 – Cable orders may require an additional 2-3 business days to be shipped. See shipping policies page.


We manufacture our high-quality wire-core sewer cable with the same durable and consistent wire we use for our hollow-core snake cable, adding a rust and kink resistant inner core. Sizes range from 5/16″ to 3/4″. Made right here in St. Paul Minnesota, each roll is inspected before it leaves our facility for weak spots and imperfections. You can count on MyTana wire-core sewer cable to deliver the strength and durability you need.

Installed ends are required for inner-core drain cable. Choose threaded male, slip-joint, interlocking (Spartan), slot-lock (General) or Ridgid style ends.

Our larger wire-core sewer cable (3/4″ and 11/16″) is available in 2 different flex styles:

  • Blue-flex (stiffer) cable – designed for MyTana and sled style cable machines. Gives a gentle bend into larger diameter reels.
  • Red Flex (more flexible) cable – designed for General, Spartan and Ridgid upright machines. Allows for a sharper bend into a smaller diameter reel.

– 3/8″ Bulb head cable is also available
– 5/16″ is also available with an open hook end

If you don’t see a length that you want, give us a call. We can cut our wire-core sewer cable to a length you specify.

Our inner-core sewer cable is also available pre-loaded in to a MyTana reel. Check out our REO units page.

Part No.s – C210, C211, C209, C212, C213, C214, C215, C216

Find out for yourself why so many plumbers and drain cleaners use MyTana snake cable every day to clear obstructions. Visit our blog for more information of interest!