Warthog WS Classic Nozzle with whip hose inlet
Warthog WS Classic Nozzle with whip hose inlet Warthog WS Classic Nozzle with jointed inlet

Warthog WS Classic Nozzle


Easily remove grease, cut roots, clear ice and soil blockages from 4” to 8” lines with 4,000 psi cleaning pressure. ½” NPT, standard head has 1 forward jet at 15°, and 2 rear jets at 150°.
A descaling head is available, as well as other pressure and flow specs, please call for information.

  • Choose whip hose or jointed inlet style
  • Each inlet style is available with 12, 14, 18 or 20 gpm specs


The Warthog WS Classic Nozzle is suitable for cleaning 4”-8” lines and is most commonly used with trailer jetters. It is used to clean lines in restaurants, hospitals, multi-story apartment buildings, residential, and other applications.

Warthog nozzles use a fluid braking system to slow and control nozzle rotation. This gives the jets time to penetrate and break up deposits so they easily remove grease, cut roots, and clear ice and soil blockages.

The Warthog WS Classic Nozzle has a 1/2″ NPT connection and can deliver up to 20 gpm on a 400’ hose with cleaning pressure of 3K-4K PSI.

MyTana offers 2 styles of the Warthog WS Classic Nozzle on this site:

Descaling head and other specs are available, please call for information.

Maintaining the Warthog WS Classic Nozzle will give you years of cleaning power from one nozzle purchase. Keep the tool full of viscous fluid, the orifices clean and replace seals as needed.

  • Please call to order a WS Maintenance Kit

A Centralizer is available for use in the larger lines. And a TigerTail is recommended when leading the nozzle in to the line.

Part no. WHWS12-  WHWSJ12-  (old: HOG WS_05 )

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