4” Sewer Paddle Blades
4” Sewer Paddle Blades 6” Paddle Blade

Sewer Paddle Blades

From: $18.00

Paddle Blades are great for clearing grease, muck or other soft obstructions. Creates a churning action which is also effective on sand or silt. Suitable for 1/2″ to  3/4″ cable. Choose:

  • Unmounted blade onlyStyles of chuck mountings for blades
  • With chuck unit: choose threaded (ME) or slip-joint (SJ) style


Our Sewer Paddle Blades are great for cleaning grease and muck in lines. The paddle creates a churning action in soft blockages, and can act as a scoop on grease, sludge and sand.

These blades are available loose, or with a chuck unit to attach to 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″, or 3/4″ sewer cable. Order the paddle blade with the chuck here, or see our Mounting Blocks to purchase chucks separately. Part no. KN44 and KN46.

The mounted version of the 4″ sewer paddle blade is also included in our Specialized Tool Kit 1.

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