Pig Tail Retriever

Pig Tail Retriever


3” cable attachment is great for retrieving broken cable. Curled design can wrap around more of the obstruction for a better hold when bringing it back. Suitable for use with 1/2″ to  3/4″ cable.

Standard with Threaded Male fitting
Slip-joint, Interlocking, General and Ridgid style also available for additional $5


Our LE148 is a Pig Tail Retriever cable machine attachment which wraps around more of the broken cable for a better hold when bringing back. Suitable for use in 3” to 6” wastewater lines.

Attaches to 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″, or 3/4″ sewer cable. Standard with threaded male fitting, but Slip-Joint, Interlocking, General or Ridgid fittings are also available.

The Pig Tail Retriever is also included in our Specialized Tool Kit 1.

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