enz Cutting Ball Nozzle
enz Cutting Ball Nozzle enz Cutting Ball Nozzle at an angle to show forward plate.

enz® Cutting Ball Nozzle


1.9″ dia. rotating nozzle is suitable for 2.2″- 4″ lines. Remove interlaced roots, mineral deposits and limescale in PE, steel, concrete and PVC pipes. Self-sharpening blades, carbide front plate.

2 sizes:

  • 3/8″ NPT  — 8 gpm (300’ hose) @ 4,000 psi
  • 1/2″ NPT  — 15 gpm (400’-500′ hose) @ 4,000 psi


The enz® cutting ball nozzle is a rotating milling ball that works without impact in 2.2″–4.0″ lines. It is equipped with a carbide root knife or penetrator blade for pipes that are clogged by more than 50%. The side blades are self-sharpening and maintain their sharpness over their entire service life.

Due to its spherical shape the cutting ball can easily navigate bends without damaging the pipe.  The enz braking system ensures for a lower rotation speed.


  • Interlaced roots
  • Mineral deposits
  • Lime scale

The Cutting Ball nozzle has 4 rotating, rear-facing jets and ships in a case with a set of nozzle cleaning tools.

3/8″ NPT
1/2″ NPT   (with thrust option also available, call for details)

Part No.  E-CB-

enz manufactures their nozzles with materials and heat treatment processes selected for wear resistance and long life. The bend Rotodrill Nozzle has ceramic orifice inserts ensuring outstanding durability, especially if working with less than clean water. Enz nozzles have considerably higher efficiency compared with those nozzles with drilled holes and the service life is several times longer.