MyTana Warthog Nozzle 1/4”

Warthog Nozzle 1/4”


This agile nozzle has high-speed rotation and is suitable for cleaning 2” to 4” lines. The WV nozzle gets around elbows easily and clears grease, ice and fine roots with an equal balance of pulling, flushing, cleaning and cutting.

The WV nozzle has 1/4″ NPT and delivers 4-4.5 GPM at up to 5,000 PSI.


The WV classic Warthog Nozzle 1/4” is a rotating nozzle for cleaning 2″ to 4″ pipes. It has a 1/4″ NPT and delivers 4-4.5 GPM at 1,200-5,000 PSI. No bearings or seals to service. The WV Classic has one forward jet and 2 rear jets to balance pulling and flushing with cleaning and cutting. Penetrate grease, fat, ice and fine roots while navigating elbows with ease.

Without seals or bearings to service, this nozzle is low maintenance. The head can be replaced when worn.

For more power, we also carry the 3/8” WT Classic Warthog, which can deliver 8+ GPM at 3,000 PSI.

Part no. WHWV14-4/3 (old: MN9 HOG)

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