Brackets for MyTana closed reels

Brackets for Closed Reels


Hardware to attach main cable or back-end cable to our closed blue poly reels.


These brackets for closed reels are the hardware needed to attach the main cable or back-end cable to MyTana closed blue poly reels.

The M745 reel and the closed reel for the M81 or M888 which holds 11/16″ or 3/4″ cable requires 2 pieces, a bracket and fitting

  • Bracket – part no. J745-0602 (for M745 reel)   |  J258 (for M81/M888 reel)
  • Fitting – part no. J745-916 (for M745 reel)   |  J253 (for M81/M888 reel)

Smaller reels  have an L-bracket only (includes 3 washers, nut and wing nut)

  • L-bracket for reel W043CP with 1/2″ cable – part no. J212
  • L-bracket for reel W044P with 5/16″ or 3/8″ cable – part no. J238