M81 Replacement Parts

The blue dots ID M81 parts available for purchase on this site. Please call us to order parts you don't see.

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We have two styles of our foot pedal hose and air switch, differing in the switch and hose fitting.

Foot Pedal old and new styles

  • Newer style (left) – switch fits OVER hose, secures with lock nut.
  • Older style (right) – switch fits INSIDE thicker hose

Check your machine to order the correct style.

You may be interested in our Gearbox parts or Large Autofeed parts.

stripped down M81 to show parts location

Foot pedal, hose, air switch

Revolving Arm

Large Drive Arm

32" belt

2.5" x 5/8" pulley

1/2 Hp electric motor

Casting | Bushings

3.5" x 1/2" pulley

Vinyl Grip

Switch Cover

On-Off Toggle Switch

GFI Receptacle

8" Pneumatic Wheel 

Axle (Long)

Axle Housing

Rear Triangle Handle


Foot Pedal and Hose$20.00$86.00
Foot Pedal, Hose for Mytana cable machines
Air Switch$52.00$86.00
Air switch for MyTana cable machines
Revolving Arm for M81, M844, M98$172.00

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Revolving Arm for M81, M844, M98 cable machines
Front Casting and Bushings$15.00$142.80
Front casting and bushings for our sled style cable machines
M81 Complete Gearbox$826.00

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M81 Complete Gearbox
Large Drive Arm$34.00

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2.5" O.D. x 5/8" Pulley$29.00

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Pulley for MyTana cable machine
3.5" O.D. x 1/2" Pulley$34.00

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Pulley for MyTana cable machine
Cable Machine Belts$14.00$17.00
Cable Machine Belts for MyTana machines
Vinyl Grip$12.00

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Vinyl grip for M81, M844 and M98
Switch Cover$22.00

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Switch cover for Mytana cable machine
Pneumatic Wheel$61.00

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GFI Receptacle$72.00

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GFI Receptacle 125V 15/20a for Mytana cable machines - M81, M888, M844, M661 or M755.
On-Off Toggle Switch$22.00

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On-off toggle switch for Mytana cable machines - M81, M888, M844, M661 or M755.
Rear Triangle Handle$175.00

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M81 Rear Triangle Handle
M81 Axle Housing$64.00

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M81 Axle Housing
M81 Axle (Long)$30.00

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M81 Axle
1/2 Hp Electric Motor$844.00

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1/2 hp electric motor for cable machines
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