T- Hex Key

T-Handle Hex Key


5/32 T-handle Hex Key. Use this to access set-screws on our Cable Machine revolving arms. It also fits slip-joint and General style end cap screws as well as our Cleanout Replacement Plugs. T-handle gives you extra leverage for stubborn screws.


This long handled 5/32 T-handle Hex Key is a great, multi-purpose tool to have on hand for working with MyTana equipment. Use it to loosen or tighten the revolving arm set screws on our cable machines. The 10″ long design fits through the reels to reach the arm.

It also connects/disconnects slip-joint or slot-lock cable fittings, our use it to install our RealTite Cleanout Plugs.

T-handle and sturdy construction offers great leverage!

Part no.  TTHH532 (old TTH532)