SK34 Sinkline Cleaning Kit for M81

Sinkline Cleaning Attachment


Add this reel of 3/8″ hollow-core cable to your mainline cable machine to clean 1½” – 2″ lines too! Works with MyTana’s M81, M844 and M98 machines.

Available in 2 lengths, with threaded end in an Open Reel. Reel cover not included, see below to order a cover.


Our SK34 Sinkline Cleaning Kit includes attachments for your larger cable machine, so you can clean smaller 1½” – 2″ lines too. Compatible with MyTana’s M81, M844 and M98.

Includes 3/8″ cable in reel (choose from 2 different lengths), a special revolving arm to fit these machines and the smaller reel, and all the blades and parts shown.

This reel does not include a reel cover. Our cover #RC2 will fit this reel, and may be ordered here.

Part No. SK34