Push Rod Guide Bracket for MS11- or MS9-NG2

Push-Rod Guide Bracket


Horseshoe shaped bracket and base guides the push rod into and out of the MS11-NG2 reel, see below for diagram. Components sold separately:

  • horseshoe-shaped bracket
  • bracket base
  • hardware–requires 2 ea. bolt and washer.


The Push-rod guide bracket positions the push-rod for proper unwind and rewind from the reel. Horseshoe-shaped guide attaches to a base piece, which fits inside the frame’s side support bracket, and is secured with 2 bolts and washers. Fits the MS11-NG2 or MS9-NG2.

All components of the Push-rod guide bracket are sold separately.

  • Horseshoe Bracket  –  Part No.  MS11-022
  • Guide Base –  Part No.   MS11-021
  • Hardware, 2 each: 1/4″x 20 x 1-3/4″ bolt and washer – Part No. H5Z 025 0175 20 (1 bolt and washer)

The horseshoe bracket wears with friction from the push-rod, you might be able to flip it upside down to get more life from the part.

icon of User Manual See installation pdf.