M745 Variable-Speed Cable Machine with SmartDrive
M745 Variable-Speed Cable Machine with SmartDrive MyTana SmartDrive control panel SK745 optional Sinkline Cleaning Kit

M745 Variable-Speed Cable Machine

Medium line machine for cleaning 3″ to 6″ lines.  Easily swap in the optional Sinkline Kit to work on smaller lines.

SmartDrive technology allows you to set torque limits and adjust speed up to 300 RPM as you work. Tension release control and maneuverability features let you work more efficiently with greater safety.

Our standard configuration (shown) includes everything you need to get working right away: 100′ of 9/16″ hollow-core cable, slip-joint fittings and autofeed

Or include the Sinkline Kit with 80′ of 3/8″ hollow-core cable to work on 1½″ to 2″ lines (more info below)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Our M745 Variable-Speed Cable Machine with SmartDrive is suitable for 3″ to 6″ lines. This versatile, mid-size drain machine comes fully equipped with 100′ of 9/16″ hollow-core cable and slip-joint fittings, as well as an Autofeed. Easily swap in an optional Sinkline Kit to work on 1½″ to 2″ lines.

MyTana’s proprietary SmartDrive technology lets you:

  • Change cable speed as you work – Throttle up to as high as 300 RPM to negotiate turns, strengthen cleaning force, or expedite feeds and retrievals. Change the RPM as you tackle obstructions and debris with the M745 Variable-Speed Cable Machine.
  • Select your torque limit preference – Audio alert sounds when torque approaches unsafe limits, and power is cut when that limit is reached. Designed to safeguard the operator and the machine’s cable as it helps prevent kinking. Extend the life of your cable!
  • Choose how you want to release tension – Quickly with little resistance, or more slowly with some resistance.

Tackle 1½″ to 2″ lines with the optional SK745 Sinkline Cleaning Kit. No tools are needed to swap reels due to the quick-release design of the drive system and Autofeed. The sinkline kit includes a reel with 80 ft of 3/8″ hollow-core cable, threaded fittings and a smaller feed tube.


M745 Variable-Speed Cable Machine with SmartDrive features:

  • A compact size (18″W x 31″L x 40″H) fits in tight spaces
  • Balanced weight for smooth transport
  • Non-skid feet offer stabilization during operation and transport
  • Telescoping handle adjusts to 48″ high, retracts easily for storage
  • Built-in stair-rollers and loading wheel


  • Includes SmartDrive with variable speed up to 300 RPM
  • Dimensions: 18″W  x  31″L (to end of Autofeed)  x  40″H (with handle retracted)

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