GE General Style ends

General Style Ends


General style ends. Slotlock male and female connect with an Allen screw and washer (both included with the female end). Select female (shown far left on photo) or male.

Now sold in packs of 3price reflects 3-pack of selected size.


Slotlock / General style ends for 5/16″ to 3/4″ sewer and drain cable. Connected with a 5/32″ Allen screw and washer (included with female end).  Replacement cap screws are available. Fits MyTana and General cable.

We now have an expanded list of parts, more specific to cable size.
Part numbers:

  • For 3/4″ cable
    • GEM3/4 – male   (old part no: GEM1)
    • GEF3/4 – female   (old part no: GEF1)
  • For 11/16″ cable
    • GEM11/16 – male   (old part no: GEM1)
    • GEF11/16 – female (old part no: GEF1)
  • For 5/8″ cable
    • GEM5/8 – male
    • GEF5/8 – female
  • For 9/16″ cable
    • GEM9/16 – male  (old part no: GEM2)
    • GEF9/16 – female   (old part no: GEF2)
  • For 1/2″ cable
    • GEM1/2 – male  (old part no: GEM2)
    • GEF1/2 – female   (old part no: GEF2)
  • For 5/16″ or 3/8″ cable
    • GEM3/8 – male   (old part no: GE41M)
    • GEF3/8 – female   (old part no: GE41F)