enz® Lo-Flow Bulldog Nozzle side view

enz® Lo-Flow Bulldog Nozzle


Cut through and remove grease and roots. Rotating nozzle is designed for operation with recycled or fresh water, especially in low-water capacity situations. Practically maintenance-free.

  • 3/8″ NPT 4,000 psi with 400’ of hose – 8 or 12 gpm options
  • 1/2″ NPT 4,000 psi with 600’ of hose – 12 or 18 gpm options

If you need different specs, just give us a call!


The enz Lo-Flow Bulldog Nozzle is designed to offer effective performance with low water consumption, even with flow as low as 6 gpm. The water is distributed into two inserts which results in a powerful water jet. Includes an optional-use forward attack tip – screw in to help navigate bends.

Bulldog rotating nozzles are remarkable for their tremendous cleaning efficiency. A patented drive-and-brake design limits the rotational speed while offering pressure vibrations that disintigrate deposits. Easy to handle, the Lo-Flow Bulldog Nozzle nozzle is practically maintenance-free.


  • Low water capacity
  • Cut through or wash out, soft grease and roots
  • For operation with recycled or fresh water
  • Cleaning pipes for TV recordings
  • Cleaning 2” straight pipe (house vents)

Rotating jets – 1 (optional) forward jet at 15° (165°),  2 at 50°

enz manufactures this Lo-Flow Bulldog Nozzle with materials and heat treatment processes selected for wear resistance and long life. Ceramic orifice inserts ensure they have outstanding durability, especially if working with less than clean water. Enz nozzles have considerably higher efficiency compared with those nozzles with drilled holes, and the service life is several times longer.

Part No. E-BD38-38, E-BD38-12 (old: E-BD038- / E-BD050B-)

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