enz Bulldog KBR Head Nozzle side view

enz® Bulldog KBR Head Nozzle


Remove grease, roots and soap. Rotating nozzle is designed for use with recycled or fresh water, reducing transport and water costs.

  • 1/2″ NPT  4,000 psi with 600’ of hose – 18 gpm   Other specs are available, please call for information


The enz® Bulldog KBR Head Nozzle is equipped with three radial jets and three thrusting jets. Well suited for the removal of fat and soap. The thrust jets provide good traction as well as flush the loosened material away. Skid is suitable for use in concrete, steel, ceramic, clay, cast, stoneware pipes and inliners.


  • Cleaning of drain pipes
  • Cleaning of lateral pipes
  • Removal of grease and soap

Bulldog rotating nozzles are remarkable for their tremendous cleaning efficiency. A patented drive-and-brake design limits the rotational speed while offering pressure vibrations contributing to the disintegration of deposits. Easy to handle, the Bulldog Nozzle nozzle is practically maintenance-free.

Rotating jets  3 at 80°   3 at 45°

enz manufactures their nozzles with materials and heat treatment processes selected for wear resistance and long life. Ceramic orifice inserts ensure they have outstanding durability, especially if working with less than clean water. Enz nozzles have considerably higher efficiency compared with those nozzles with drilled holes and the service life is several times longer.

Part No. E-BD12-18/4 KBR