3/8-inch jetter hose

3/8″ I.D. Jetter Hose


3/8″ I.D.  (5/8″ O.D.) Piranha brand high-pressure jetter hose. Rated at 4,000 PSI working pressure – up to 150°.  Delivers 4-8 gpm.

Choose from 3 lengths, or give us a call if you need something different.


3/8″ NPT high-pressure hose has a flow rating of 4-8 gpm. Size refers to both hose I.D. & NPT size.  This Piranha brand high-pressure hose is rated 4,000 PSI working pressure, burst pressure rating is 12,000 PSI. Temperature rated to 150° F.  O.D.  is 5/8″.

Piranha hoses are constructed to provide rugged and reliable service under the most demanding conditions with a reinforced thermoplastic tube and an abrasion resistant green polyurethane cover.  250′ of this 3/8-inch jetter hose is included with our MV80 Jetter.

We stock 3 lengths of 3/8″ NPT high-pressure hose: 200ft, 250ft and 300ft.
Custom lengths are available, please call for details.


  • Rigid end
  • Swivel end

Part No.  JE Hose Jet 06x—

We also stock high-temperature jetter hose.

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