Autofeed – Retriever Replacement Parts

Replacements parts for both our LARGE and MINI Autofeed Retrievers.

Shown is a diagram of the large Autofeed. The mini feed has identical (but smaller) parts with a few differences (see below).

  • Mini Autofeed bracketsThere are 2 styles of mounting brackets, newer (shown top) and older (bottom). Be sure to order the correct style. 
  • The top housing is not as tall
  • There is no outlet collar available for the movement assembly

The M888 has a special slide in bracket with a release pin to mount the large Autofeed. Please call for parts.

parts explosion for MyTana Autofeed

Drive wheel / bearing

Movement Assembly

Thrust Race

Drive Pin

Conical Spring

Thrust Bearing

Hand Knob

Spacer Plate

Spacer Washer

Spring/Clip Retainer

Lower End Plate

Upper End Plate

Front Plate

Rear Disc Plate

Upper Cylindrical Housing

Die Spring

Pressure Pad

Lower Cylindrical Housing

Lower (Solid) Piston

Upper Piston (Hollow)

Autofeed Drive Wheel Bearings$13.00$17.00
Autofeed Drive Wheel Bearings
Autofeed Movement Assembly$91.00$132.00
Autofeed Movement Assembly
Autofeed Cylinder Thrust Race$4.00$5.00
Autofeed Thrust Race
Autofeed Drive Pin$12.00$17.00
Autofeed Drive Pin
Conical Spring | Autofeed$4.50$12.25
Replacement conical spring for MyTana autofeed-retrievers
Thrust Bearing | Autofeed$7.00$10.00
Thrust bearing for MyTana autofeed-retrievers
Autofeed Hand Knob$26.00$53.00
Autofeed Spacer Plate$6.00$12.00
Autofeed Front Disc Plate$36.00$60.00
Autofeed Rear Disc Plate$34.00$60.00
Autofeed Upper End Plate$25.00$26.00
Autofeed Spring Retainer$2.40
Autofeed Spacer Washer$2.40$10.00
Autofeed Lower End Plate$7.00$8.00
Autofeed Pressure Pad$13.00$40.00
Autofeed Lower Cylindrical Housing$34.00$47.00
Autofeed Upper Piston$34.00$36.00
Autofeed Upper Cylindrical Housing$40.00$59.00
Autofeed Die Spring$14.00$18.00
Autofeed Solid Piston$25.00$31.00
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