Autofeed – Retriever Replacement Parts

Replacements parts for both our LARGE and MINI Autofeed Retrievers.

Shown is a diagram of the large Autofeed. The mini feed has identical (but smaller) parts with a few differences (see below).

  • Mini Autofeed bracketsThere are 2 styles of mounting brackets, newer (shown top) and older (bottom). Be sure to order the correct style. 
  • The top housing is not as tall
  • There is no outlet collar available for the movement assembly

The M888 has a special slide in bracket with a release pin to mount the large Autofeed. Please call for parts.

parts explosion for MyTana Autofeed

Drive wheel / bearing

Movement Assembly

Thrust Race

Drive Pin

Conical Spring

Thrust Bearing

Hand Knob

Spacer Plate

Spacer Washer

Spring/Clip Retainer

Lower End Plate

Upper End Plate

Front Plate

Rear Disc Plate

Upper Cylindrical Housing

Die Spring

Pressure Pad

Lower Cylindrical Housing

Lower (Solid) Piston

Upper Piston (Hollow)