M224 High-speed Flexible Shaft Cleaner

Our New Flexible Drive Shaft Cleaner

The new M224 gives unparalled operator control. Coming Soon!

The M224 flexible drive shaft machine rotates up to 1,580 rpm to quickly and efficiently power through roots, scale, grease and more in 2" to 4" lines.

Get 2-hand cable control, SmartDrive torque management and the flexibility to work a variety of attachments all in a grab-and-go package!

The M224 flexible shaft cleaner allows 2-hand control of the shaft.

2-hand control

The M224 has a robust internal motor that delivers up to 1,580 rpm cleaning power while remaining exceptionally quiet. It allows you to always have two hands on the cable so you can completely focus on the resistance coming from the blockage, while starting or stopping the machine with the foot pedal.


As you work, the SmartDrive electronic controller automatically manages the torque limit to the obstructions encountered. No manual setting or adjustment is needed as you move from job to job. This helps protect you and the shaft.

Should you ever have damage to the flexible drive shaft, it can be repaired or replaced in your shop.

The M224 flexible shaft cleaner allows many attachment options.


A slip-joint fitting accepts a variety of attachments that you can change out quickly:

– Use different sizes of cutting blades. Start with smaller blades to make an opening, then add progressively larger ones as you clear roots or remove scale.

– Use specialized tools such as:

Our new chain knocker Unique one piece design prevents crushing of hardware, has carbide tips for scraping and cleaning. 3 sizes: 3”, 4” or 6”

A universal whip Add a tool of your choice, including many from other manufacturers. Flexible cable whip is easily rinsed off.


Transporting the M224 is easy thanks to easy tilt, wide stance wheels and a luggage-style handle which telescopes to 43”.


A carry handle is built in as well, the unit weighs just 52 lbs.


Anti-skid feet stabilize the machine during operation.

Carry or tote the MyTana's M224 flexible shaft cleaner.

The M224...

The M224 flexible shaft cleaner operates on household current.

...operates on standard household power (extension cord needed),

The M224 flexible shaft cleaner foot pedal..

includes the foot pedal and hose,

The M224 flexible shaft cleaner slip-joint fitting.

and ships standard with a 5/16” slip-joint fitting.

Like all MyTana equipment, the M224 is built for efficiency and reliability, and includes complete factory-direct support.

Please call for more information about this powerful new tool!