Sinkline blades to fit General ends

Sinkline Blades to fit General Ends


Blades and tools for clearing and cleaning 1.25″ to 3″ lines. Attach to General (slotlock) female end on 5/16″ or 3/8″ cable.

Choose from: 4 sizes double offset blades (blade holder required, not included), drophead attachment, chisel blade, grease spring or retriever.


Our sinkline blades to fit general ends are tools for clearing drain blockages and cleaning sinklines using a power sink machine. Suitable for use with 3/8” or 5/16” cable.

Double offset blades attach to cable with a blade holder (not included). Other tools include fitting to pair with female end.

Part numbers:

  • Double-offset blades:  11DO  (1″),  13DO (1.25″),  15DO (1.5″),  21DO (2″)
  • Drophead on swivel: GE107  
  • Chisel head: GE109
  • 6″ flexible Grease Spring: GE106
  • 12″ Retriever: GE108

Our M661 BladePack with General ends, is an assortment of these sinkline blades to fit general ends with holders in an easy-to-order pack.

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