LD40 leak detector for slab leaks, vertical line leaks and pool-spa-fountain leaks

LD40 Leak Detector


Listen for leaks – works on all surfaces. Great for detecting slab leaks, 4 interchangeable sensor tips fine-tune use on different textures, including detecting through carpeting.

Digital response meter lets you watch for leak signals as well as listen, and has easy to understand display. See below for more information.

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Our new LD40 Leak Detector has a super-sensitive sensor which detects hissing, trickle or seeping sounds, while filtering out background noises. The LD40 is designed to specifically pick-up acoustic signals and frequencies commonly encountered in plumbing, water and sewer applications.

The digital display has an easy to understand response meter, so you both watch and listen for leaks.

Great for detecting slab leaks, 4 sensor tips are provided for different surfaces, including points that detect through carpets which help you avoid having to pull up carpeting.

Other features of the LD40 Leak Detector include:

  • Probe unit for detecting leaks in overhead pipes, behind walls or tight spaces
  • Powered by lithium-ion battery (rechargeable)
  • Belt hook is useful when mapping out large areas
  • Comes complete in custom case with the all items shown

Case Dimensions (closed): 13.5″W  x  15″L  x  6″H

If you don’t know the location of the pipe that has the leak, you may also be interested in our RL8840 Locate and Leak Detect Package. Includes our 512Hz Locator and Transmitter so you can determine the location of any line.

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LD40 Spec Sheet – 2 page PDF

LD40 Leak Detector Instructions